What is the best type of property for a first-time buyer?

1st home

Venturing into the property market can be seen as a bold step and there is no denying that it can bring up its share of difficulties for some people. However, as many will confirm, there are ways around any issues that may stand in the way of you finding the ideal living quarters. First-time buyers can take a lot of benefit from those with knowledge of the market and gaining information on which property to opt for is particularly helpful.

It is worth taking all the options into consideration and this includes an auctioned property as well as shared ownership. An article posted by The Independent cited statistics from LSL Property Services indicating that the average price of a first-time buyer’s property is now £146,726. Additionally, it was stated that the average age for those who make this first purchase is 30.

The most popular house for those buying for the first time is a property with at least three bedrooms. 44 per cent of first-time buyers go for this option while 31 per cent choose to look for a home with two bedrooms. Plenty of people consider a flat for a place to live although only a quarter of first-time buyers are going for this option over a house.

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