Instructing a solicitor

When you have accepted an offer on your property, you will need to instruct a Solicitor to carry out all the legal aspects of selling.

Most mortgage lenders will accept your family solicitor or any other solicitor that you choose to complete your sale. The job of your Solicitor is to ensure that the property that is being sold will at the end of the deal, be yours with out a doubt. Your Solicitor will also check that the property is not going to be affected by any local council plans, or built on contaminated land or that it is a listed building. The Solicitor will also check that the person selling is the legal owner of the property, by checking that they have the Title Deeds. They will tell you at this point if there is any confusion at all regarding private footpaths, boundaries and rights of way.

The final part of the Solicitors job is to ensure that the transfer documents and final searches have been done and that the money has been transferred and you have the keys to your new house.

There are many Solicitors and Conveyancing firms on the Internet, here are some who may be able to help you:

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