Ways of selling your home

You have two options regarding the sale of your home. You can either appoint a traditional high street estate agent OR you can sell your property online through MyPropertyForSale by using our virtual agency package.

1. With a Traditional Estate Agent

If you choose to sell your home through a high street estate agent you are going to be given a few options

Sole Selling Rights

In this case, the Estate Agent is the only person with the right to sell your home

Multiple Agency

In this case, you may appoint as many Agents as you like to sell your home, the agent who does sell your home is then paid his commission, you may find that this type of agreement the commission is slightly higher.

Sole Agency

If you are already using an Estate Agent to sell your home then the appointed agent is the only agent who can sell your property


These vary but expect to pay about 1% or more to the agent on average.

Our Sales Packages

Starting from a one-off fee of £299+vat, 0% commission. All calls handled by our team.

All packages require a home visit by us to the property.

We handle negotiations and draw up the Memorandum of Sale.

Why not check out what you could save by selling with us, with our savings calculator.

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