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Why You Should Seriously Consider CCTV for Your Home!

Today, it’s really not uncommon to see CCTV cameras situated everywhere. You’ll see them on every commercial building and even in use in many homes situation in London, Surrey and Kent.

Did you know4-6 million people in the UK have CCTV cameras installed in their homes? Are you looking to join them?

The top five benefits of CCTV Installations:

  • They can be wireless! Yes you heard that right, certain CCTV installers like ACCL, who are based in Surrey, Kent & London offer wireless CCTV security systems, which means they require less maintenance as wires are not often damaged by the elements. They only require one lead, which is used to give it power! Discover how these high-quality security cameras transmit video and audio wirelessly here.
  • Expect deductions to your home insurance. We know that financial gain is not the most important aspect of a CCTV system, but it’s certainly an added advantage. As you make your home more secure, insurance providers are likely to reduce your policy fees. See five more ways how it can cut your home insurance costs here.
  • It acts like a big deterrent! Now, this might be an obvious one, but CCTV certainly works to deter criminals from suspicious activity. This is extremely true for pre-planned crimes, so you can expect the likelihood of thieves breaking into your home to decrease. By advertising your CCTV presence clearly, it will do an effective job at keeping criminals away.
  • Allows you to keep an eye on your property – even when you’re not at home. This for me, is truly one of the top benefits of a CCTV device. This is because it can give us peace of mind, even when we are on holiday or away from our home for long periods of time. Not only this, but it helps to keep track of where your parcels get delivered too! Should you buy from big retail giants or professional companies?
  • Identifies culprits and criminals more easily. If criminal activity has taken place, either around your home or in your neighbourhood, your CCTV system can really help authorities pinpoint the culprits and solve the crime.

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