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Abuse and Spam

Abuse & Spam At, we take Spam very seriously. If you have received a Spam message through your account we ask that you forward the message to

What is Spam?
Spam is any unwanted and unsolicited message that you receive. It is "junk mail" in your e-mail box. There are many different types of Spam. Two of the most rigorous types of Spam on the internet are advertisements and fraudulent purchase scams.

Advertisements can easily be ignored, blocked or deleted. Simply forward the message to and we can block the user from e-mailing through our site again.

But what about a request to purchase your property that seems too good to be true? It may be a scam.

How to Spot a ScamThe Bait:
A response to your ad or online auction posting, offering to pay with a cashier's, personal, or corporate cheque. At the last minute, the so-called buyer (or the buyer's "agent") comes up with a reason for writing the cheque for more than the purchase price, and asks you to wire back the difference after you deposit the cheque.

The Catch: If you deposit the cheque, you lose. Typically, the cheques are counterfeit, but they're good enough to fool unsuspecting bank clerks; when they bounce, you are liable for the entire amount.

Your Safety Net: Don't accept a cheque for more than your selling price, no matter how tempting the plea or convincing the story. Ask the buyer to write the cheque for the purchase price. If the buyer sends the incorrect amount, return the cheque. Don't send the merchandise. As a seller who accepts payment by cheque, you may ask for a cheque drawn on a local bank, or a bank with a local branch. That way, you can visit personally to make sure the cheque is valid. If that's not possible, call the bank the cheque was drawn on using the phone number from directory assistance or an Internet site that you know and trust, not from the person who gave you the cheque. Ask if the check is valid.

How Can I Protect Myself? helps protect you from receiving unsolicited e-mail and phone calls by placing the following security features on our site:

Hidden E-mail Address: After placing an ad on, your e-mail address is hidden behind the link "Click Here to Contact Seller". This security feature masks your e-mail address from being added to bulk mailing lists and allows potential buyers to e-mail you through a form without having your personal e-mail address. When the message is forwarded to you after our moderation, you have the option of replying to the message to reveal your e-mail address, putting you in charge of communication with the potential buyer. Have Questions?Uncertain about an e-mail message you have received? Please forward the suspicious e-mail to If you have additional questions please Contact Us! We are here to help.


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